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Riddick Bayrunner Boats, Inc. was started in 2003. The goal was to build a better built and better riding skiff. It had to perform (dry riding - no grabbing or sliding in the turns). It had to be efficient - the forebody tails back further than most skiffs, which allows the boat to get on top of the water. The less water a boat has to push out of the way, the smaller the energy required to move from one point to another. It had to be well-built - only premium fiberglass materials are used - all composite, no wood. Only those construction methods that have stood the test of time are used. It had to fulfill its purpose - it’s a ski boat, crab boat, ride-around, fishing machine...that looks like a boat is supposed to look. It had to be affordable - the boats were built and equipped like we wanted our personal boats. This does not mean more money for us...it means more value for you.
We can report without hesitation, that our skiff buyers say we have succeeded. Now this is a great story and I have made a lot of promises. Promises that every skiff buyer wants to hear. The next step is yours. Allow us to take you on a demo ride.  After you’ve driven and ridden a Riddick Bayrunner, we will understand when you say, “I feel like I just found an old friend.” we will always measure our success by one thing...the amount of smiles and memories our boats bring to you and your family!

Thanks for helping me fulfill my dream. I look forward to taking that first ride on your Riddick Bayrunner!